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2014 Racing Schedule

Jan 18 Frostbite Regatta PBYC
Feb 1 Super Bowl Regatta   (NOR(NOS)  (Registration)  (Results(Registrants) PYC
Feb 15 Valentines Regatta PBYC
Feb 22 Mardi Gras Regatta  (NOR)  (NOS)  (Registration)  (Results(Registrants) PYC
Feb 22 - 23 Intergalactic Keel Boat OD   (NOR)  (Registration)  (Results)  (Registrants) PYC
Mar 1 Maxine #1 NYCP
Mar 1 Commodore's Cup             NYCP
Mar 8 Maxine #2 PBYC
Mar 15 Maxine #3  (NOR (Registration)  (Registrants) PYC
Mar 21-23 Pensacola Catamarans midwinters PBYC
Mar 23-25 ISCA Sunfish Masters  (NOR (Registration)  (Registrants) PYC
Mar 27-29 USSCA Sunfish Midwinters  (NOR(Registration)  (Registrants) PYC
Apr 6 Blessing of te Fleet   (Information)   (Registration Form) PYC
April 12 Commodore's Cup #2 NYCP
April 19 Premie Cup PBYC
May 7 Al Sol- Isla Mujeres - Cruisers PYC
May 8 Al Sol - Isla Mujeres - Racers PYC
May 10 Sea Buoy PBYC
May 24 Memorial Day PBYC
May 24-28 Galveston to Pensacola - Lakewood Start  (NOR)  (Info) PYC
May 31 Cancer Society  (NOS)  (NOR)  (Registration)  (Results)  (Registrants) PYC
Jun 7-8 Navy Cup - 2 days NYCP
Jun 7 Cradle of Naval Aviation Anniversary NYCP
Jun 15 Father’s Day Throw Down  (NOR) PYC
Jun 20-21 Gulfport to Pensacola (GYA)  (NOR) PYC/GYC
June 27-29 Challenge Cup (GYA)        (NOR-revised)    (Registration) PYC
July 5 Patriot's Day PBYC
July 5-6 Junior Olympic Sailing Festival  (NOR)  (Registration) (Registrants)    (Clinic)  (Results) PYC
July 26 Bikini NYCP
Aug 2-3 Women's PRF Championship (GYA) PBYC
Aug 2-3 Race for the Roses PBYC
Aug 9 W.A.V.E. on the Bay (GYA) NYCP
Aug 23 Big Mouth PBYC
Aug 24 Commodore's Cup #2 PYC
Sept 6 Commodore's Cup #3 NYCP
Sept 13 Pier and Back PBYC
Sept 20 Cruising Couples  (NOR)  (Registration)  (Results)  (Registrants) PYC
Sept 20 Chappell / Stitt      (NOR)   (Registration) PYC
Sept 27 PYC #1  (NOS) (NOR) (Registration)  (Results)  (Registrants) PYC
Oct 10-12 WFORC (GYA)  (NOR) (Registration(Results(Registrants) PYC
Oct 11-12 VX ONE Fall #2 PYC
Oct 17-19 Narca North Americans PBYC
Oct 24-26 Hobie Wave North Americans PBYC
Nov 1 Veterans Day NYCP
Nov 1 Commodore's Cup #4 NYCP
Nov 8-9 Jubilee  (NOR) (Registration)  (Results)  (Registrants) PYC
Nov 15 PYC #2   (NOS(NOR) (Registration)  (Results)  (Registrants) PYC
Dec 13 Santa Claus   (NOR) (Registration)  (Results)  (Registrants) PYC
Dec 20 Christmas Boat Parade PYC