2018 Racing Schedule

Thursday Night Race Series   NOR SI's
1 Hangover Regatta PBYC
6 Open  
20 Frostbite Regatta PBYC
27 Club Judge Seminar PYC
28 Race Management Seminar PYC
3 On the Water Race Mgt Practice PYC
10 Valentines Regatta (BC-1) PBYC
24 Open  
3 Maxine 1 (BC-2, CC-1) NYC
10 Maxine 2 (BC-3) PBYC
17 Maxine 3 (BC-4, PYC-1)  (NOR) (NOS(Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)    PYC
6-8 GORC Easter Regatta Biloxi YC
12-15 Pensacola Tall Ship Festival  
14 Commodore's Cup 2 (BC-5) - Postponed NYC
15 Blessing of the Fleet PYC
21  Predicted Log Race PYC
19-22 US Multihull Championship -WETA FtWYC
24 Open  
28 5 Flags/Cancer Society (BC-6, PYC-2)  (NOR) (Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)     PYC
5-6 GYA Opening Regatta MYC
9-10 Regata al Sol starts  (Information) PYC / SYC
12 Sea Buoy Race (BC-7) PBYC
19-20 GYA Spring Regatta Buccaneer YC
2 Fiesta Boat Parade PYC
2-3 GYA Candler Regatta St. Andrews Bay YC
9-10 Navy Cup NYC
15-17 Challenge Cup Gulfport YC
22-24 Gulfport-Pensacola PYC/SYC
28-30 Pensacola Big Game Fishing Club PYC
30 Patriots Day Regatta (BC#8) PBYC
June 30-July 1 Junior Olympics Regatta  (information) PYC
7-8 GYA Meigs FWYC
13-15 Raft Up (Blue Angels Beach Air Show) PYC
14-15 GYA Summer  MYC
15-22 Optimist Nationals  (information) PYC
21-22 GYA Jr Liptons SYC
21 Bikini Regatta NYC
28 Race for the Roses PBYC
28-29 GYA Weatherly & GYA J22 Gulfport YC
4 Fast Womens Regatta The Point YC
11 Predicted Log Race PYC
11-12 GYA Knost Gilrs Championship  
18 Bigmouth Regatta PBYC
25 Preemie Cup (Registration)  (NOR) PYC/PBYC
1-2 GYA Liptons PCYC
8 Remember 911 Regatta (PYC-3) (NOR) (Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)   PYC
15 Commodore's Cup 3 (BC-9), & Commodore's Cup 4 NYC
22 W.A.V.E. on the Bay Event  (information)  
29-30 GYA Wadewitz    Fairhope YC
6-7 Lost Bay Regatta & Raftup (BC-11) The Point YC
12-14 WFORC (BC-12, PYC-4) (NOR) (Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)     PYC
14 WFORC Ocean Race (NOR) (Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)     PYC
19-21 KONA Windsurfing North Am Champ  (information) PYC
20-22 Hobie Wave Intergalactics PBYC
3-4 Raft Up- Blue Angels Homecoming PYC
10-11 Chappell-Stitt   (NOR) (Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)  PYC
10-11 Jubilee Regatta    (NOR) (Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)  PYC
17 Turkey Trot PBYC
17-18  Melges 24    (NOR) (Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)  PYC
24 Open  
1 30 Million Words Regatta    (NOR) (Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)  PYC
8 Santa Claus Regatta and Marina Party (NOR) (Registration)  (Registrants) (Results)  PYC
15 Christmas Boat Parade PYC
22 Open PYC
31-Jan 1 New Year's Raft Up & Brunch PYC
  1) Weekends designated as Open at PYC are those which don't conflict with events at PBYC or NYC, or any series regattas at other YCs; can be used for cruising events or invitational one design regattas